The best facilities for learning and training anywhere in the country

The college offers a range of courses, all developed with industry employers, and taught by specialists in the subject. Whatever your interest, your curriculum has been designed to set new standards in technical training. It will also give you the transferable skills and real-world project experience you need to be in a prime position to start work when you finish your course.

You’ll build your core skills with rail, engineering and management courses. Then you’ll pick your specialist subject, like civil engineering, or track systems, and train in the technologies of the future.

You can find out all about each course we offer here and on their specific pages.

The best facilities for learning and training anywhere in the country


Our track systems, civil engineering and operational and departmental management higher apprenticeships will be on offer from September 2017, but only to current industry apprentices. Our systems engineering apprenticeship will be on offer to industry apprentices from January 2018.

A full curriculum will be on offer on both sites from the start of the 2018 academic year. We’ll be updating all our course and application pages throughout the year, so please register with us so we can keep in touch.

Higher apprenticeships

Becoming an apprentice means you can get paid while you train, build your skills on real projects, and study for the equivalent of a foundation degree at the same time. You’ll also have the advantage of spending lots of time with employers working at your job.

The college offers a Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship (High Speed Rail and Infrastructure Higher Technician), with six specialist options, and a Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship in Operations and Departmental Management.

Higher National Certificate equivalent (HNC)

If you are looking for a non-apprenticeship route into rail, our HNC equivalent might be the answer. It still enables you to focus on learning by doing – you’ll spend a third of your time on a work placement and will be mentored by someone from the industry.

The college’s HNC equivalent will be a Level 4 qualification similar to completing a first year of study at university. It’s a course that gives you an introduction to the high speed rail sector and a great foundation on which to choose a specialism.

Continuous Professional Development

The college will offer professional development modules to current industry employees, which may comprise either core or specialist units from our apprenticeships and HNC courses. We are currently working with employers to identify the exact CPD training that would best benefit their employees and will advertise those online when they become available.

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