Fees and Funding

Training fees

The cost of our Cert HE is £9250. You will be able to apply for a student loan to pay the costs of your tuition. This loan is applied for in advance, and then repaid once you have reached a minimum income threshold. If this threshold is never reached, the loan is not repayable. We are currently finalising whether the qualification will be subject to the Advanced Learner Loan or HE Student Loan system.

As an apprentice, you will not usually pay any of the costs associated with your training, so this is a great way to take your next step! Especially because while you are undertaking your apprenticeship, you will be paid a salary by your employer. The level of this payment will reflect at least the National Minimum Wage. However, many employers will pay significantly more during your training period. Up to date information on the minimum wage can be found here. The small print is that if you already hold a qualification at Level 4 or above, you must demonstrate that the qualification for which you are seeking funding is different and discrete to your past training.


We understand that some people may find it difficult either to pay the costs of their training, or other costs associated with it, such as childcare or rent. We’re working hard to develop our bursary offer, generously supported by the Department for Transport and HSRIL (High Speed Rail Industry Leaders) at the moment – with much more support in the pipeline. As soon as the details and application details are finalised, we’ll post them here. The bursaries are intended to support those who may encounter barriers that may prevent them from reaching their potential.


Fees and Funding